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How To Sniff Packets For Working SNI Host Working File

 You've got the right VPN tunnel app, probably Ha Tunnel Plus VPN, but you can't access the Internet for free. There's always that time in which we might run out of SNI hostnames, or let's say your network provider has blocked your SNI host list! This is where a sniffing app, also known as a packet sniffer, network analyzer, or network sniffer app comes in. Yes, I will show you how to capture packets on your ISP network, and analyze network traffic so as to get a working new SNI host list for free Internet access.

Talking about SNI hosts and free bugs hosts, we discussed several methods in the past and as well recently how to get a working host for free Internet. While those methods are still very effective, you might sometimes encounter some form of stumbling block every once in a while, and that is why we try to publish as many tutorials as we can to help bypass your ISP firewall.

In this article, I will discuss how to use a packet capture program or network packet capture tools to sniff out SNI hosts on your network, which can, in turn, be used to get free Internet with unlimited data on the VPN tunneling software of your choice. Kindly read below, and please, don't skip any part so as to understand the tutorial, and possibly come up with your own methods.

What Are Packet Sniffers?

Before we look at what packet sniffers are, let's see what packet is and how it suddenly becomes important in giving us a working SNI host list. 

Packets are data sent between two communicating devices or networks. Data as you know is information, and so the idea here is to sniff on the content of this data and use it to get free Internet access.

So what are packet sniffers? A packet sniffer is a tool that can be used to sniff or intercept, log, and analyze network traffic and as well, the data. This tool can be hardware or software. While packet sniffers are used as network analyzers to capture network traffic, and identify and troubleshoot issues, our aim in this post remains on how to sniff packets for a working SNI host list. In other words, our network sniffing software is our SNI host finder.

How Do Packet Sniffers Work?

For the packet sniffers to work, we need some apps on your network to make this possible.

There are some applications on your ISP network that are accessible for free even when you don't have data. These apps have been zero-rated by your ISP and you open them without worries for data. 

Some of the apps are owned by your ISP and might come as a self-care service app, music streaming app, or something of the sort. While others might be a third-party app but then zero-rated by your ISP. This could be a news app, or an information app such as Wikipedia, Covid19, health app, banking app, etc. I don't know what's free and isn't free on your are on the network and so you should know. 

The reason I mentioned these apps is to give you insight into what to look out for. If you don't know any, check your ISP's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page and check old posts for any release that they made pertinent to what I just mentioned. You can check your SMS for messages from your ISP, or Google and you will be surprised by the findings you will make. Apps like this abound in this covid period. Also, all these apps that I'm talking about need an Internet connection for them to work.

How Packet Sniffers Capture Working SNI Host

Packet sniffers work by intercepting traffic data (packets) that go to and fro over a network and copying it to a file. Now, these packets are transmitted via a protocol stack known as the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Each packet is assigned a port and IP address which are whitelisted on your network.....these are the little things that we are looking for.

The idea behind this trick is to configure your VPN tunnel app with the details that you've sniffed from those apps with your packet sniffer tool and then use them to access the Internet with unlimited data.

This is how it works; When properly configured with the info you sniffed, your VPN tunneling software will masquerade your connection and make you look like the app that has free on your ISP network. Since your ISP firewall is programmed to allow those apps to access the web on zero data, it will mistake your connection for that of the zero-rated app and allow you access to the web. 

When that request goes through, you will be accessing the Internet for free using the app details as a pass ticket. Just before we proceed to the next step, it might interest you to know that we have a post that contains thousands of zero-rated sites for different countries and networks in the world. 

Most of the zero-rated sites are SNI hosts that can be used on the VPN tunnel app of your choice for free Internet access. Wondering about how to go about the free Internet configuration? We've got you covered too!

The Best Packet Capture And Network Analyzer Tools

When it comes to network packet capture, there are several packet sniffer or sniffing apps out there for Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems. With most of the network sniffer software for free download.

Here are a few examples of the network analyzer and sniffer tools for Windows. They include tcpdump, WinDump, WireShark, Paessler PRTG Network Monitor, and more. Mac and iOS too have similar tools on their platforms. For Android, packet capture is one of the best android sniffer and network analyzer apps and so we used it for this article.

But then, there are several packet sniffer apps for Android that you can choose from if you have one in mind. Also, your sniffing app can be used to sniff out working configurations on different VPN tunneling software. For example, you can sniff out working hosts used in Ha Tunnel files if you use configurations shared by others on the app

Requirements To Packet Sniff SNI Host List

  1. Any android device running Android 4.0+ upward
  2. Root isn't necessary
  3. The VPN tunnel app of your choice
  4. Your sniffer app
  5. Patience

How To Capture Packets

1. Download packet capture for Android
2. Install the packet capture software and then open it.

3. You will see two symbols that look like a “play button”. The first symbol (the one on the right) captures packets on a single application while the second symbol is meant for capturing packets on all the apps running on your Android device at that moment. Any of the play buttons will do. However, we will be making use of the second button during the cause of this post.

4. Exit the network packet capture app and then put on your mobile data.

5. Now locate the application that you want to sniff and open it. If they are more than one, open them all.

6. Exit those applications and then return back to your packet capture software. Click on the play icon to create a VPN connection. The VPN connection will channel all your app's activities via your sniffer app which in turn, will harvest the packets.

7. By now you will see the session reading (the counts increasing) but do not touch it, just leave it for some time for at least 15 mins during which you will be operating the apps.

8. Return back to those apps that you earlier opened (those apps that you want to sniff packets from). Revisit them one after the other and then stay on the applications while interacting with them. If it's just one app then interact with it alone. 

The reason for your interacting with the application(s) is for you to get the app to communicate with the server.....which requires sending packets back and forth for you to harvest. If you don't do this on some apps, you may end up harvesting nothing.

How To Analyze Traffic On Network To Get A Working SNI Host List

1. By now you must have waited for at least 15 minutes. Now return back to your sniffer app and then click on the button which you had clicked before (the button has changed to red). Click it to stop capturing the packets.

2. Click on the read session to view the harvested packets.

3. When the read session opens, you will see several applications, with those with most interactions appearing several times.

If you sniffed more than one app, it would be good for you to write down the names of the apps so as to extract the data one after the other from the apps sequentially to avoid mix-ups.

4. Locate the apps that you intended to harvest the data and click on them one after another. Don’t click on those that have zero kilobytes (0.00 KB) because there won’t be anything in it.

5. Open and write down the hosts, referrer, agents, ……. You might see some encoded data while trying to write down those items I just mentioned. Ensure to take note and harvest all the VALUABLES.

How To Create A Working Free Internet Settings With The New SNI Host List

With the information that you packet sniffed from those apps, the next step is to configure them in your VPN tunneling software. But then, we've got you covered too in that aspect. 

If you have the Ha Tunnel VPN app, we've written this detailed tutorial on how to connect Ha Tunnel Plus VPN to give you free unlimited Internet. and then we have the ready-made working Ha Tunnel files that give free Internet for all networks.

You can also use another method called "Reverse Proxy" for the hosts in this post to get you free Internet access on your network. Meanwhile, those that prefer to use the HTTP Injector VPN app can use this well-detailed tutorial and get their free net trick working too.

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