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How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without PIN Code [Complete Guide]

The process of withdrawing money from ATM without PIN Code can be tricky for many but is well possible. Everyone loves visiting ATM most especially when you have your bank card along with you. You get access to your checking account's funds from the ATM with the help of your debit card.

Generally, withdrawing money from ATM will require you to provide your card's PIN code. The PIN code is used to verify that you are the owner of the card or that you are authorized to use the debit card for ATM withdrawals.

In some situations, forgetting your PIN code is what happens frequently. In this case, you will have to reset your PIN by visiting your nearest bank branch. What is you urgently need to get cash from the debit card? Going to the bank branch can be a long process for you to get your cash. This is why, you need to know how to withdraw money from ATM without PIN code.

Most traditional banks take their banking services to the next level by offering a mobile banking platform where users get to manage their accounts online. Most banks let you do Cardless withdrawal as which will let you get cash at an ATM without even using your card. Since you aren't using your card, you wouldn't be required to provide the card's PIN code.

How do you go about that? How do you do Cardless withdrawals? This is exactly what we will be seeing today. In this article, I will show you how to withdraw money from ATM without PIN code.

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What is an ATM?

An automated teller machine (ATM) is an electronic banking terminal that enables consumers to conduct simple transactions without the assistance of a teller or branch personnel. At most ATMs, anyone with a credit or debit card can get cash.

ATMs are convenient because they allow customers to do self-service operations such as deposits, cash withdrawals, bill payments, and account transfers. Cash withdrawal fees are frequently charged by the bank where the account is held, the ATM operator, or both. Using an ATM operated directly by the bank that holds the account can prevent some or all of these costs.

ATMs are also known as automated bank machines (ABM) or cash machines in different regions of the world.

What is ATM Card PIN?

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a four-digit code that is unique to each ATM card and verifies that the transactions are being carried out by the card user or account holder. The ATM card cannot be used without the PIN being activated.

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Can You Withdraw Money From ATM Without PIN Code?

You can't withdraw money from an ATM without a pin code, unfortunately. Without a pin, most ATMs, banks, and shops will not let you to make withdrawals or add cash to a transaction.

This does not mean that your card cannot be stolen or used; rather, it implies that you cannot withdraw money from your account without the pin.

However, you can use any Cardless or pay code-enabled ATM without using your card pin code or even the card.

You can make such cash withdrawals from most banks.

How it works is as follows: You send money to your phone number from your bank app, which generates a pay code.

Then you can go to any ATM that accepts Cardless withdrawals or requires a pay code, using the phone number and the pay-code to get the cash-out.

How to Withdraw Money From ATM Without PIN Code

To withdraw money from ATM without PIN code, you will need to first conduct a Cardless withdrawal transaction from your mobile banking app and visit a nearby Cardless ATM to withdraw your money.

Cardless ATMs allow you to access your account and withdraw cash without having to use a physical card. Cardless ATMs, on the other hand, rely on account verification by text message or a smartphone banking app.

Cardless ATMs can work in a number of different ways. Quick response (QR) codes and near-field communication (NFC) are the two major types of cardless technologies.

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1. QR Codes

You must first set up a mobile withdrawal on your banking app before using a cardless ATM with a QR code. Before dispensing money, the ATM will display a QR code on the screen for you to scan with your phone.

2. Near-field Communication (NFC)

NFC, or near field communication, technology is used by several services, such as Apple Pay. To utilize NFC at a cardless ATM, launch your mobile banking app on your phone, select the linked bank account you wish to withdraw from, and tap your phone against the scanner.

The ATM will then ask you to either type in your PIN or swipe your card to complete the transaction (just as if you had inserted your physical card).

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How to Withdraw Money From ATM With Debit Card

Debit cards are cards that can be used to make purchases online or offline, move funds from one account to another, and withdraw cash from an ATM.

When you open a checking account with your bank, you will be given a debit card. A debit card is sometimes free to use. You may have to pay a fee to use the card.

Debit cards resemble credit cards in appearance, but their functions are distinct. Credit cards employ borrowed funds, but debit cards use funds already in your bank account.

There are several procedures to withdrawing money from an ATM. The first step is to insert your card into an ATM machine.

You must enter the pin number you chose for the card for security reasons. You can use your debit card to withdraw cash, deposit a check or cash, transfer money, or check your balance.

How To Withdraw Money From An ATM With Debit Card Step by Step

In the ATM machine, insert your ATM card.

Choose your language from the list of options on the display screen.

Enter your four-digit pin number on the ATM's keypad. Because it's your secret pin number, be sure no one is watching you while you input it. Also, be cautious when entering the PIN, as entering it incorrectly can result in the ATM card being blocked.

You'll notice numerous types of transaction options on the ATM screen, such as Deposit, Transfer, and Money Withdrawal, among others. You must choose the Withdrawal Option to make a cash withdrawal.

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Following your selection of the cash withdrawal option, the screen will present various account kinds, such as a savings account, current account, or special type of account. Choose an account type.

Now, enter the amount you want to withdraw. Make sure the withdrawal amount you input does not exceed your account balance. Then press the enter key.

After that, you can take your money from the machine's lower slot.

You will also be given the option of printing a receipt for the purchase. If you choose yes, you will receive it once you have received your money.

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How to Get Cash from Credit Card Without PIN

A government-issued photo ID is required to get cash from a credit card without a pin. If you need cash from your credit card but don't have your pin, go to a bank that works with your credit card provider.

If you provide a card and a government-issued photo ID, you can request a cash advance. In any case, you'll need your credit card to make cash withdrawals without a pin. A driver's license or a passport are examples of government-issued photo identification.

How Can Someone Withdraw Money from My Account Without my Card

Unfortunately, fraudsters are continuously looking for new ways to scam unsuspecting people. As a result, you must be cautious with your card and other personal information.

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Placing a skimmer on a petrol pump is one way a thief can withdraw money from your account without using your card. This is usually accomplished by breaking into the pump through the fuel dispenser door and installing an inside device, while an exterior device is fitted over an existing card reader and disguised in plain sight.

Others may have used your email address to phish you. They can withdraw money from your account while your ATM card is still in your possession if they acquire hold of vital information on your card.

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How to Withdraw Money from Someone's Account Without PIN

Without a pin, withdrawing money from someone's account is impossible. It is, in reality, a fraudulent practice that can lead to jail time.

If you need to help someone withdraw money from their account for some reason, simply ask the person for the pin.

If you are unable to contact the individual, you are committing fraud and must cease and desist.

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