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How To add Verified Badge In Blogger

How To add Verified Badge In Blogger
ey, Readers, these days I am again with a wonderful educational approximately How to Add a Verified Badge for Blogger. If you operate Blogger for running a blog and your blogger template has a right-footer credit score area, you would possibly upload a Verified Badge to construct agree with together along with your customers.

In this text, I even have shared the perfect manner to feature a Verified Badge for Blogger. I even have shared the code you simply want to duplicate and paste the given codes to your blogger templates footer area.

And in case you do not know what's Verified Badge and why it is used for? I could come up with a touch-bit Idea approximately it.


So, now I will display you a brief demo of the Verified Badge. You can locate the demo simply below

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What is a Verified Badge?

Confirmation identifications assist the customers with putting forward the superstar, widely known individual, or emblem bills are authentic. A fundamental mark of approval near your profile call will have a prime impact on the subject of increasing supporters and emblem mindfulness.

However, have you ever at any factor contemplated that you could upload a Verified blue tick or identity in blogger, without a doubt Blogger does not have this detail in it but there may be a way for including it. You can likewise see my footer it has a Verified identity near my Blog call. this assists with constructing agreement with many of the consumers honestly observing the beneath steps cautiously.

Benefits of Verified Badge

  1. Assemble agree with amongst customers
  2. Proficient appearance for your Blog

How to feature Verified Badge in Blogger?

Step 1: Log in for your  Blogger Dashboard

Step 2: Go to Themes after which click on the Dropdown icon

Step 3: Now pick out Edit HTML

Step 4: Now seek for  You may also locate it  above the 

Step 5: Now delete the codes from  <p> to </p> and paste the subsequent codes rather than it.

<!--[Verified Badge Code for Blogger by]--> <p class='credit-content'>&#169; <span id='getYear'><script>/*<![CDATA[*/ var d = new Date(); var n = d.getFullYear(); document.getElementById('getYear').innerHTML = n; /*]]>*/</script></span> &#8231; <a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl.canonical'><data:blog.title/></a><svg color='#3b5998' style='margin-left:3px;width:13px;height:20px' viewBox='0 0 24 24'><path d='M23,12L20.56,9.22L20.9,5.54L17.29,4.72L15.4,1.54L12,3L8.6,1.54L6.71,4.72L3.1,5.53L3.44,9.21L1,12L3.44,14.78L3.1,18.47L6.71,19.29L8.6,22.47L12,21L15.4,22.46L17.29,19.28L20.9,18.46L20.56,14.78L23,12M10,17L6,13L7.41,11.59L10,14.17L16.59,7.58L18,9L10,17Z' fill='#3b5998'/></svg> | All rights reserved</p>

Step 6: Now click save, and your template might be saved

Adjust height and width in line with your template and Replace the highlighted colour code together along with your preferred colour

Congratulations 🎉 you've got correctly delivered a Verified Badge to your Blogger web website online!

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