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Pixel UI v2.0 Blogger Template Free Download

Pixel Ui is recreated blogger theme with the power by Median ui and Fletro pro.

Pixel UI Introduction

Pixel Ui  Create By Rahul is basically i used Median Ui & Plus Ui both to make a Theme for blogger that can fulfill my need that i want in blogger themes, I want to share this theme with you all for free to spread good vibes.

Pixel Ui v2.0 Blog Theme is one of the templates that load quickly. Because search engines like Google prioritize mobile indexing, the Pixel Ui v2.0 blogger template performs effectively on all platforms. That is why responsiveness is important for every website. Pixel Ui v2.0 blogger template includes all of these 


- Fully Responsive
- Ads Ready
- Rating Widget
- Maintenance Mode
- Categories Post Widget
- Fully Customisable
- Fast Loading
- Preloder
- Translate & Darkmode Features
- Vibration Feature
- Mode Switcher
- and many more....


Demo  Download

About the Author

Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Ethical Hacker, Programmer, and Content Creator is what I am and overall a Biochemist with the aim of bypassing all restrictions that separate me from my objectives

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  1. thx for creating post about our theme
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