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What is Different Between CMD and Powershell

What is Different Between CMD and Powershell
What is CMD?
CMD is an acronym for Command. Command prompt, or CMD, is the command-line interpreter of Windows operating systems. It is similar to used in DOS and Windows 9x systems called “MS-DOS Prompt”. It is analogous to Unix Shells used on Unix like system. The command prompt is a native application of the Windows operating system and gives the user an option to perform operations using commands.

What is Windows Powershell?
Microsoft Windows was never considered to be very good at task automation compared to Linux. It was because of the limited functionality of the command prompt. In 2002 Microsoft started working on a new command-line tool and it was called Monad. In 2006, the first version was released with the name Powershell. Powershell is an automated command-line shell and also has all the features & functionalities of CMD. The major update or difference in Powershell is that it is object-oriented. Its functionality is based on objects, very similar to object-oriented programming based on objects, functions, and methods. One great addition to the list of features in Powershell is command lets, usually called Cmdlets.

Different Between CMD and Powershell

CMD is the command line for Microsoft
 Windows operating system,
 with command-based features.
Powershell is a task-based command-line interface,
specifically designed for system admins
and is based on the .Net Framework.
CMD uses a text-based
command-line interface.
Powershell has a more interactive graphical
command-line interface CLI.
The generated output is in
the form of characters.
Powershell treats input and output as objects.
It comes as a default
program in all the windows
operating systems.
In windows 2007 and above,
 Powershell is a built-in program.
Before that, it has to be installed as a
separate program.

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