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2022 | 9GB MTN Free Data Code Data Trick

If you're an MTN subscriber looking for "how to get free data" or "secret codes to obtain free data," this is the post for you.


We've as of late done two Ramadan information stunts. This MTN free information stunt gives clients free 9GB of web information. Without a doubt, you read that unequivocally. Thusly, expecting that you're a MTN partner searching for "how to get free information" or "mystery codes to acquire free information," this is the best post for you.

What are the secret expenses related with this free information? There is no secret blame related for it. Everything is totally free. It shouldn't mess around with any transmission plan or information mean to work. Furthermore, no SNI hostname or VPN burrowing composing PC programs is assumed for the strategy to work.

This free information, similar to the past three information stunts we posted, can be affected on your Android, iPhone, or even part telephone (button telephone). While you can utilize the free information on your telephones, you can in this way place the SIM in a switch and arrangement the relationship with others.

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The best strategy to Get MTN 9GB Free Data

How does this limit? MTN is offering 9GB of information for no good reason to clients who purchase an Itel P17 or P17 Pro remote, as well as a 100 percent pay on information buys for a truly huge time period.

You don't need to purchase any of the gadgets alluded to here considering the way that the objective is to gain the information inexplicably. To get the information for no good reason, absolutely get the ten IMEI digits of any of the cellphones recorded (no need for the full digits)

You can essentially duplicate the fundamental ten digits of the IMEI from somebody who has gotten it, or you can go window shopping to where the gadgets are sold and in this way deliberately get the basic ten digits. Exactly when you have those digits, you can continue onward toward the going with stage.

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Necessities To Get MTN Free Data:


An Android (MTK contraption) or a little button almost nothing

The IMEI of any of the PDAs I alluded to (only 10 digits required)

The IMEI tweaking application

Pushes toward Activate MTN Free 9GB Data

goog_1374118296These moves are made after you have changed the telephone with the IMEI digits.

In the changed telephone, embed a MTN Ugandan SIM card.

Following extension, you ought to get 9GB of free information as well as a SMS affirmation.

You can check your information utilizing the dialer on your telephone.

This post has two techniques. The fundamental technique integrates utilizing your little button telephone. You know, the part telephone, while the subsequent way consolidates your Android remote (MTK to be exact).

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MTN Free 9GB Data Activation: Button Phone Method

Dial *#06# from your button telephone to get your IMEI number. Make a duplicate on paper since you will require it later!! This is particularly dire.

Enter *#9646633# to enter Engineer Mode.

Research to Paraset 4. Dislodge the basic ten IMEI numbers with the ten digits you rehashed. Considerately don't clear out the "a" past the IMEI numbers. Keep the "a" set up.

Restart your telephone to apply the changes.

To get your free information, follow the methodology in the "Advances toward Activate MTN free 9GB Data" district.

The best system to Revert Back To Your Old IMEI

Follow the means illustrated as of now. In any case, this time you will utilize your whole IMEI number to override the one showed when you access Engineer Mode.

MTN Free 9GB Data Activation: Smartphone Method


Despite whatever else click here to download and introduce the MTK arranging application

Open the application and desire to Engineering mode (MTK) or MTK settings and snap it.

Click on CDS data

Click the Radio data and you will get telephone 1 and telephone 2. Reliant upon the sim IMEI you wish to change, telephone 1 is sim 1 and telephone 2 is sim 2

To change sim 1 IMEI number to the one that you have, contact telephone 1, and in the popup, contact the AT+

Exactly when you reach out to it, the Keyboard will hop up. Eventually type any single letter and some time later drop just the letter that you made. Quickly you can see the recorders that are typical for you It is apparently AT+EGMR=1,7""

Eventually, move your finger and press it to make a twofold space among AT and +, and it ought to have all the earmarks of being this way: AT +EGMR=1,7"".

From that point forward, embed the suitable IMEI number between the two exchanged commas. Precisely when you're finished, it ought to seem like this AT+EGMR=1,7"123456789123456".

Check the IMEI numbers you framed and hence click the SEND AT COMMAND button.

Reboot your telephone while the spring up message shows that the AT demand was appropriately given.

To get your free information, follow the methodology in the "Advances toward Activate MTN free 9GB Data" area.

The best technique to Revert Back To Your Old IMEI

Accepting you clutch any yearning to return to the essential IMEI number that went with your telephone, fundamentally go over the above step utilizing your remarkable IMEI number.

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