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How To Use BINs Premium To Create Premium Accounts

By using Bins you don’t have to pay for the features. You can enjoy Netflix, Amazon prime, the Hotstar, and all other sites for free now.

Have you ever thought if there is any trick to get this for free? You’ll be happy to know that there is actually a trick called the BIN method.

By using Bins you don’t have to pay for the features. You can enjoy Netflix, Amazon prime, the Hotstar, and all other sites for free now.

In today’s world who doesn’t love free stuff? Using the bin method is becoming reliable as well as popular day by day. But many have the confusion about the process and many don’t even know about this wonderful trick.

In this article, we’ll get all the answers. we’ll know what is the bin? How to use the bin? Using the process, and the process of working bin for premium accounts, the process and enjoy unlimited premium accounts using this.

Keep reading this article and experience a whole new thing. Have patience and read the whole article. Follow the steps carefully. Avoid the forbidden things.

What is BIN?

The initial group of four to six numbers that appears on a payment card is known as the bank identification number (BIN). This group of numbers serves as a unique identifier for the organization that issued the card and is crucial in the process of connecting transactions to the charge card issuer.

How does BIN Work?

Bin was developed by the American National Standards Institute and international standardization that is also known as ISO. This is the identification number that can identify the bank that issued the card. It also identifies the card cardholder’s location, contact number, and all other information provided by customers. In case of the matching transactions to the issuer, Bin is the key process.

If you look at the numbers, the first digit is for identifying major industries. It’s also called  MII (Major Industry Identifier). The next five digits are used for identifying the issuing institute or bank. For evaluating payment card transactions, this is also important.

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There are two types of Bins. You’ll know about both types of bins here and also how to use them for creating a premium account.

Direct BINs:

With this type of bins, you can easily use them in credit cards. Not only this but also you can apply the details for your app/ website, you want to subscribe. These are easy to use

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PayPal BINs:

These bins are used for making transactions by linking them to PayPal accounts. But in this case, you shouldn’t do any spamming. Ait may ruin all your money on the virtual credit card.

How can you use BINs?

Let’s come to the main point, the way of using Bin to create a premium account without paying money. You need to follow some steps here:

  • Collect a 6 digit number (BIN)

  • You need to search the BIN according to your Country or Bank location.

  • To generate the credit card, you’ve to paste the BIN in the site mentioned above.

  • At this point, connect to VPN, select the country. Here is one thing to notice, Country location of BIN should match the VPN location

  • Now, the Card is Generated and Ready for using its details to make an account.

  • By using the sites and following the steps, you can easily Open a  Premium Account.

Final Thoughts on How to Create Premium Accounts Using BINs

In this article, I explained to you what a BIN is because I believe that anyone of you reading this is out to learn. So, I started in details from the beginning on BINs and gave an example of a BIN. I showed you how and Where to Get BINs and later on how to use this BINs to Generate Virtual Credit Cards. TO finish, I showed you how to use these credit cards to create premium accounts.

So you can just follow the steps and apply it on any website for which you got its working BIN. You can get daily updated BINs here.

However, I still insist on the fact that these virtual credit cards can not be used for buying items online. They are just for creating premium accounts that give free trial in return. You can create as many free trial accounts as possible with these BINs.

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