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How to Transfer money from the Skylight Card to a Bank account

Best ways for transfer money from skylight card to bank account · 1. Use a PayPal account · 2. Transfer money over the counter 3. Withdraw at an ATM

 How to transfer money from the Skylight Card to a bank account

What is  Skylight Card

Skylight Card is a debit card issued by Regions Bank or Republic Bank & Trust Company. It is one of the best Netspend debit cards that you can have for your daily transactions. Since the card is a prepaid debit card that does not link to any bank, it is crucial to understand how to transfer money from the Skylight card to a bank account to move money to your bank account for saving or for other uses.

Prepaid debit cards only allow you to use the balance in your card account, and if exhausted, you have to load the card with more funds to continue enjoying the services. Most prepaid debit cards allow you to manage card accounts online, whereby you can send and receive money online. Online accounts also allow you to check your transaction history, and download statements, among other activities.

For the Skylight card, you only need your smartphone to run your online account. Even when moving money to your bank account, you can do so online by adding your bank account details, such as the account and even the routing numbers. In today’s article, I will teach you how to move money from the Skylight card to your bank account.

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How do I get the Skylight Card?

You can get the Skylight card by applying for it online. You have to visit the Netspend website and register for the card. Once the card is ready, you will receive it at the address you provided during the account opening and then activate it online by visiting the Skylight card activation page.

During activation, tap on the New Customers section on the page header, and hit the Registration/Activation option. Next, enter the 16-digit card number and the CVV number on the back of your card, and select Continue to complete the activation process.

When registering for the card, you need various details, which include;

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Social Security Number, and
  • Government ID (Passport, Driver’s license, or ID card)

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What is the importance of the Skylight Card?

The skylight one card has numerous advantages that you cannot afford to miss. First of all, the debit card makes payment of salaries and wages simple. Employers find it very interesting to pay their employees via the card since they only need to perform the direct deposits. The card ensures;

Streamlined payroll since companies do not have to write checks to pay their employees.

Low cost in that it is cheap to make deposits in the employer’s accounts.

Complete program management since employers do not have to handle the payment process on their own.

 Other importances of the card include the following.

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  • Pay bills online

You can use the card to pay for bills such as water, electricity, internet, and transport, among others. You can also buy money orders and send money through the mail. Therefore, there is no time you will ever find yourself in a line waiting for service.

  • Withdraw funds

Once you have received your payment, you can withdraw it without losing any coins. It means that you can get 100% of your payments at over 8,800 locations nationwide. You can as well withdraw cash at an ATM that accepts the card.

  • Review your card account

You can easily view your transaction history as well as your balance at the Online Account Center. Therefore, it is easy to keep track of your expenditures other than just staying without knowing how you are using your money.

  • Send money to other Skylight cardholders.

Since the card allows you to manage your card account online, you can quickly transfer funds to other Skylight cardholders.

  • Move money to a bank account.

The card allows you to move funds to your checking or savings account for various purposes. Money in a bank account is convenient for various kinds of transactions. For example, you can save for future use or even buy goods and services online. You as well send money with a checking account number instantly to others.

 How to transfer money from the Skylight Card to a bank account

The Skylight card does not offer a direct method of transferring funds to a bank account. Because the card is a Netspend card, and all Netspend cards do not support card-to-bank transfers, you must use an indirect method to deposit funds into your bank account. The following are the methods for transferring funds from a Skylight card to a bank account.

1. Use PayPal

You can use the card to send money to PayPal. Because PayPal allows you to transfer funds to a bank account, you can easily use the platform. Additionally, you must ensure that the receiving bank account is linked to PayPal. You must also link the Skylight card to PayPal as shown below.

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Sign in to your PayPal  account

Go to Wallet

Below the ‘Debit and credit cards, select ‘Add a card.’

Select the type of the card

Key in the necessary details

Click Save

You can connect your bank account by following the steps outlined below.

Transfer to Wallet

'Add a card or bank account' should be selected.

Select 'Add a bank account.'

Enter your 'Account Number as well as the 'Sort Code.'

Examine your information and click Agree, then add

2. Transfer money over the counter

The card allows you to withdraw money from ATMs that accept Visa and Mastercard cards. You can also withdraw cash from various locations across the country. After you've withdrawn the funds, you can ask the officers to deposit them in your preferred bank account.

When withdrawing from a bank or center, you must bring your card along with your ID card so that the officers can properly identify you.

3. Withdraw at an ATM point and deposit to your bank account

Because the card is a debit card, you can easily withdraw money from an ATM and deposit it into your bank account. Surprisingly, debit and credit cards allow you to withdraw funds from your bank account at any time.

Is it safe to use the Skylight Card?

If you are employed and receive your payments via the card, you should be less concerned because the card is safe to use. First and foremost, the card includes a PIN (Private Identification Number). The PIN allows you to withdraw money from ATMs, and no one else can use the card to withdraw funds from your account.

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Second, the information you send to the servers online is encrypted, so no third party can intercept it. Thousands of hackers are constantly online looking for ways to steal money from your account. The company has thought about it, and you can rest assured that you are safe online.

Furthermore, you can configure alerts and notifications to receive real-time reports on any type of activity in your account directly to your phone number. You can easily lock your card if you suspect that unusual activity is taking place in your account.

If you do not feel safe keeping money in your card account, you can transfer it to your bank account and be at ease. It is now simple to obtain a free checking account with no credit check and no deposit. In fact, not having a bank account in this day and age is awkward because certain transactions require a bank account

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