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[Solved] YouTube Shorts not Showing

Update the YouTube App to the latest version. Clear the YouTube mobile app's data and cache. Check if your internet is connected or your internet


Well, a YouTube Shorts is said to be YouTube's short-form answer to TikTok. You can quickly scroll via algorithmically-driven feed, discover other similar short videos, and subscribe to your favorite creators.

Here, creators can record, share, and edit short-form video content that's 60 seconds or less and vertically oriented. And, unlike Instagram stories, YouTube Shorts won't disappear but will remain on your channel. So, that’s the brief intro of YouTube Shorts which we think everyone is aware of after YouTube has announced its YouTube Shorts availability globally.

However, certain factors are still there, raising the issue or concern of YouTube Shorts not showing. Thus, if you can't find the YouTube Shorts option or videos, or YouTube Shorts disappeared, find a solution in this post.

Part 1: Why Do YouTube Shorts Not Showing Up?

There could be multiple reasons why YouTube Shorts not showing on your phone, the channel's home page etc.

Besides, many scenarios arise with this issue, namely the YouTube Shorts option not showing up, the YouTube Shorts button missing, and YouTube Shorts videos not showing correctly.

And, there are valid reasons as well as to why these situations are happening to you. So, let's discuss each of them separately in brief, along with the solutions in the next section.

YouTube Shorts are not showing on the channel's homepage

The standard and the most common reason why YouTube Shorts are not showing on the channel's homepage is that you have not updated the YouTube app.

YouTube Shorts option not showing up

This may be happening either because you've not updated the app or your internet connection is pretty slow to show you the option. There could be another reason as you may not have cleared the YouTube mobile app's cache and data.

YouTube Shorts button missing

Again, you may not have updated the YouTube app, or your internet connection is slow is the most common reason here. Moreover, the button of YouTube Shorts stays hidden behind the +icon.

YouTube Shorts videos not showing correctly

The most valid reason for YouTube Shorts not showing correctly or YouTube Shorts disappearing is that you have a poor internet connection. Plus, we've discussed proper steps below if you've missed something while uploading the YouTube Shorts triggering this scenario.

Before we move on to fixing YouTube Shorts not showing the issue, here’s a quick note on which videos qualify as YouTube Shorts. Shorts are different from YouTube stories. Unlike YouTube stories, it gets displayed in your regular channel feed along with your other YouTube videos.

And, you must note that a YouTube Shorts video consists of two criteria as follows.

The video has to be vertical (portrait-style)

The video must be 60 seconds or less


Part 2: How to Fix YouTube Shorts Not Showing Up?

Here’s the section covering fixes on YouTube Shorts not showing. Please give it a read and resolve your issue happily!

Fix 1: Update the YouTube App

As we've already discussed above, check if your YouTube mobile app has the latest version. The newest version of the YouTube mobile app (Version: 16.17.36) has a dedicated Shorts button at the bottom. And, it replaces the Trending button from the YouTube app.

Moreover, the option to upload Shorts is now hidden behind the + icon. Tap on the + icon and hit the Create a Short option.

Fix 2: Check If Shorts Is Available in Your Country

Now, YouTube Shorts is available globally, but there was a phase when YouTube Shorts was a beta feature. It was only available in India and the US, which could be why you could not view Shorts in the YouTube app.

Fix 3: YouTube Shorts Is Mobile-only

As of now, YouTube Shorts is only available on a smartphone because it's still in beta version. However, you can create Shorts via smartphone and the camera option in YouTube mobile app. Hence, there's no point in searching for Shorts on your computer.

You can upload Shorts videos from your laptop. The entire process is similar to uploading a regular video. However, you have to mention #Shorts in the title and description to differentiate it as a Shorts video.

Common Fixes to YouTube Shorts Not Working

    • Update the YouTube App to the latest version.
    • Clear the YouTube mobile app's data and cache.
    • Check if your internet is connected or your internet connection is strong.
    • Restart your smartphone and try again.

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