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New Host Working List for Ha Tunnel Plus All Country

New SNI Bug Host for All Country Still Working on Ha Tunnel Plus for MTN,Safaricom,Vodacom,Airtel,Tigo and Other Many
New Host Working List for Ha Tunnel Plus All Country

Still, now there is some free internet in any country. KYEYIT and TECHFOE Still Working to Find More SNI Bug Hosts and Provide Free for Everyone  

What is HA Tunnel Plus and How Does it Work?

HA Tunnel Plus, an application preceding the famous tunnel application we know ( AnonyTun), was developed by Art Of Tunnel. This VPN Tunnel functions the same way as AnonyTun but with a slight difference. HA Tunnel Plus uses existing connection protocols such as SSH2.0. All traffic generated between the client and the server is protected with SSH2.0.

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Each user is given a randomly generated ID by the application to connect to the server.

The developer of this software made this to easily control the flood of servers and have full access over the clients of the server to securely limit its access by clients. So we can say the developer had a really good vision before developing HA Tunnel Plus, the extension of HA Tunnel Plus Config files is .hat

How To Use HA Tunnel Plus for Free Internet

HA Tunnel Plus similar to other VPN applications is easy to use. You can easily figure out how to use this application if you already have an experience with other VPN Apps such as HTTP Injector.

To use HA Tunnel Plus properly, you will need a working SNI bug host or a working Payload that you can inject for free internet access. That's just the game.

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Just before you go through the SNI hostname list, I want to give you some vital tips when it comes to configuring the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN. At some point when configuring your VPN tunnel app, some of you have lost very good SNI hosts that were working but you thought were actually dead because of a few mistakes that you did.

How did I know this? On countless occasions, many Techfoe readers have given me SNI hosts that they've tried to use for free Internet but have given up because they don't work! Well, it turned out that most SNI hosts were working but they didn't know a simple trick to make it work. Okay, let's look at it.

Take for example. You want to configure as your SNI host, but when you tried it on port 443 it didn't work. But then, you are very certain that the bug host works but the result leaves you confused.

The first thing you are to do is to remove the "www" and try just alone and see if it works. In contrast, if the original SNI host were to be, you will add www to it and then apply it.

However, If that doesn't work still, the next step is to reverse proxy the SNI host and re-apply it. So how does this help? As I stated in this tutorial that teaches How To Get Free Internet Using Hidden CDN SNI Hostnames, there are some ISPs or carriers whose firewalls and network security are configured in different ways. 

On some networks, the connection is restricted to hostnames only and so whenever you use an IP address on your tunneling app, the connection will bounce and won't connect. The only way for it to work is to use the free host.

The same applies when your ISP has a restricted connection to IP addresses only, hostnames won't work unless when the IP address is used. 

To bypass this, visit YougetSignal and input your SNI hostname. When you get the IP address from the site, use it as your SNI and then re-connect.

New Host Working List for Ha Tunnel Plus

Free SNI Host List of South Africa or  

MTN  Host List                                                                    


Free SNI Host List of  Rwanda 

MTN Host List

DNS Mode8.8.8.8 or (Port 8080)

Airtel and Tigo RW: 

Vietnam Host List


Pakistan Host List



Trinidad & Tobago Host List

SNI: (port 8080 or 80)

Zimbabwe Host List


Congo DR Host List



Thailand Host List


Colombia Host List


Namibia Host List


Afghanistan Host List

DNS or 

Uganda Host List (Port 443 or 80) (port 80)

Tanzania Host List

    TTCL, Halotel, Tigo, and Airtel:

        DNS: or (Port 8080 or other ports) Also add and in your primary and secondary DNS settings.

Angola Host List


Germany Host List


Bostwana Host List

DNS Both runs on port 80



        DNS: or 

Mali Host List


Togo Host List

Togocel and Moov:

DNS MODE  (Port: 80)

Kenya Host List 

How To Get Free Bug Host/SNI For Free Unlimited Internet Access On Any Network
  1. Click here to go to howdy
  2. You will find different hosts that haven’t been revealed totally. Right-click on all of the hosts and open a new page.
  3. When they do, tick on “I’m not a robot” and then perform a robot check and then click on “Find SNI”
  4. By now the host should be displayed for you.

 The Hostname section includes the domain which is the host (, while the IP Address contains the IP address of the host. Response Code contains the port that the trick runs on which is (80, 443), as well as the status.

Howdy provides VPN services and so it’s easy for them to scope out these hosts which people use as SNI (Server Name Indication) to surf for free net. Most of the hosts provided here are SNI which means you need apps such as HTTP Injector, OpenTun, TLS Tunnel, eProxy, etc, that support SSL/TLS/STUNNEL for the free net trick.

Check out these apps here

You can also use the hosts on VPN apps that support protocols such as TCP, HTTP, UDP, and so on for the trick too and it will work. Click here to download the free VPN apps.

1. Here’s an example of some working hosts alongside their country domain extensions, though I won’t mention their network’s name.

2. However, some hosts are .com which works for free without data and as well, provides Internet access when used in a tunneling app. For their safety, I won’t be mentioning their region or network Here are a few instances:

3. Also, there are a few hosts that appear there but are hosts that require some sort of package for it to work. Examples:

Note: While most of the SNI hosts on Howyd are active, a few aren’t. While going through them, always check the Response Code section to ascertain the status of the last person that used the trick. There’s also a “full information” section below to access the full information.

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