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Vodacom South Africa Ha Tunnel Plus Free Internet Settings

Download these vodacom hat files and start browsing for free and unlimited. ... How do you find a working Vodacom configuration file for ha tunnel plu


We have this Vodacom Ha Tunnel Plus free Internet settings that use free data to give users free Internet connection at no cost. You don't even need a Ha Tunnel file either!

Before we pounce on this trick, it's best you know that Ha Tunnel Plus free Internet doesn't offer unlimited Internet connection. Users get to use a whopping 10GB of browsing data for free at no cost. You don't need any special Ha Tunnel hosts or SNI hosts to make it work.

Unlike some of our other Ha Tunnel plus settings, we made the settings for this trick open for everyone to access and use as they see fit. Also, you can port the settings to the VPN tunnel app of your choice and still get the same free Internet with unlimited data.

Also, Read: 

1. A Vodacom South Africa SIM card with zero data and call credit
2. An Android device, iOS, or PC.
3. The VPN tunnel app of your choice (Find the link below)
4. The configuration settings

How To Get Vodacom Free 10GB Data
1. Click here to visit the Vodacom page.
2. Now click on "Get Prime Video Mobile Edition now"
3. Next, input your phone number to verify and activate the trial subscription. 
4. You will receive an SMS notifying you that 10GB has been allocated to you.

Vodacom Ha Tunnel Plus Free Internet Settings

1. Download your Ha Tunnel Plus app
2. Open the app and then click on Custom Setup, and under Connection Mode, select Custom SNI.
3. Now configure as shown below:
        Port: 80
        Port: 443
        Preserver SNI: Tick
4. Now click on START to initiate the connection. When it finally connects, an advert will appear on your screen. Give it a few minutes before exiting. Now you can enjoy free Internet with unlimited connection at no cost.

For other VPN tunneling software, you can also use the above host to configure it too. You can use ports 80, 8080, or 443.

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